A VIOLENT and vengeful stalker who threatened to throw acid in a woman’s face, repeatedly rammed a car she was travelling in and burgled her home has been jailed for three and a half years.

Abdulsaeih Abdulkhalik inflicted so much terror and misery on his victim that she had questioned the worth of her life, Bradford Crown Court heard.

He soon became controlling and aggressive, interrogating her phone and attacking her when she wanted to end their short relationship.

Abdulkhalik, 28, of Carlton Road, Manchester, called the woman 200 times a day, prosecutor Erin Kitson-Parker said.

He threatened to throw acid in her face and to injure both herself and members of her family.

In November last year, he followed a vehicle that she and a woman friend were in. When they went down a dead end in Bradford, he rammed it three times causing more than £500 damage.

He went on to smash a window on her car the following month and then to burgle her home. He broke a window to get in and made off with her iPad, handbag, watch and jewellery. The room was ransacked and a knife and screwdriver left at the scene.

She tracked her iPad to an address in Manchester and went there with family members. She retrieved the bag and watch but the iPad and jewellery were never recovered.

Even after she had told the police, Abdulkhalik bombarded her with calls and messages, threatening herself and her family. She was traumatised and afraid to leave her own home. When he was arrested he denied stalking and answered no comment to all questions.

Jeremy Hill-Baker said in mitigation that Abdulkhalik was highly emotional and the threats of more series harm were made ‘in the heat of the moment.’ He never intended to carry them out.

“This was relatively immature behaviour albeit frightening,” Mr Hill-Baker said.

Abdulkhalik accepted that the relationship was well and truly over. He had been in custody for 11 weeks and was deeply sorry for what he did.

The knife was taken to the burglary to gain entry and not to cause fear. Abdulkhalik pleaded guilty to stalking with fear of violence, burglary and two offences of criminal damage. He lodged a basis of plea on the stalking and sentence was adjourned on the last occasion for a trial of issue in which the victim had to give evidence.

Judge Ahmed Nadim rejected his account and found him to be guilty of at least three significant acts of violence during the offence.

Sentencing him, the judge said that Abdulkhalik met the woman online and they embarked on a relationship. Fuelled by jealousy and mistrust, he began using controlling and obsessive behaviour that turned to anger and violence.

He grabbed her throat when she didn’t allow him to interrogate her phone, punched her numerous times in the face, giving her a black eye and kicked her out of the car. He threatened to throw acid in her face and made threats through her friends that she would be injured.

After the car was rammed, both the victim and her friend feared that he intended to do them very serious harm.

Abdulkhalik then burgled the victim’s home in a planned attack.

“It was motivated by revenge and a desire to cause her harm because she would not submit to your wishes,” Judge Nadim said.

He stole valuable property and ransacked her room leaving behind a knife and a screwdriver.

“The sight of the knife in her bedroom after you had violated it must have caused her some serious anxiety,” the judge said.

The police were then alerted but Abdulkhalik continued to bombard her with calls and messages, threatening herself and her family and forcing her to change her phone number.

The impact of his behaviour was evident from the victim during the trial of issue, Judge Nadim said.

He had damaged her emotional confidence and wellbeing and she had questioned the worth of her life.

He had inflicted a prolonged period of misery on her that would only subside with a significant passage of time.

Judge Nadim made a restraining order that prevents Abdulkhalik from contacting his victim for the next ten years.