A nail technician has created rings aimed at Muslim girls to have their dream nails without missing a prayer.

Karen Boyle, of Harwood’s Gel A Licious, devised the nail rings when she realised her Muslim clients could not pray when wearing nails.

Muslims must wash in a ritual known as "wudu" before they can pray their obligatory prayers.

But wearing nail varnish or any type of fake nails invalidates the "wudu", hence why many Muslim girls tend to forgo wearing them at all.

Karen said: “When it came to my attention that some people had to remove nail varnish and false nails to pray, I thought nail techs are all about helping the community to share the joy of wearing nails.

Asian Image: Nail rings

“Having false nails often make a girl feel pretty and I think if there is a way we can help a community to achieve this, then we should do it.”

The nail ring is a new concept which has been seen on TikTok where a video has gone viral of someone making them to market them for the South Asian community.

Asian Image: Nail rings

But very few people actually sold the nail rings around the world, until Karen decided to take up the mantle and is now one of two people in the UK offering them.

She said: “I Googled it and watched tutorials on how some people made them.

“I experimented a lot with finding the right wires and lengths so it would be comfortable to wear and then I trialled them on various people to see how they felt on the fingers.

“I love nails and would love everybody to be able to wear them.

“Not everyone understands the concept yet as they may not know the culture, but it’s mainly been positive and girls so far have loved the idea.”

The nail rings come in a set of 10 and Karen even offers her own handmade nail designs in different sizes alongside the rings and glue needed to attach them.

The idea is also perfect for those doing sports or in certain jobs where it is not permissible to wear false nails or nail varnish.

More information can be found on the Facebook page.