A medical group has defended its position about registering asylum seekers, stating that some of the comments made have been racist.

Hereford Medical Group (HMG), which runs Station Medical Centre and South Wye Medical Centre at Belmont Road's Asda, has taken on all of the residents of the Three Counties Hotel. 

The Belmont Road hotel is currently housing up to 120 asylum seekers following a decision from the Home Office.

However, HMG says it is disappointed to read comments made from a number of people on other Facebook pages about them registering the residents.

"The Three Counties Hotel falls within the HMG catchment area and there is no reason, therefore, why residents at the hotel should not be able to register at the practice," reads the post on HMG's Facebook page.

"We are happy to welcome new residents of our great city and, even when full, residents at the hotel will make up less than 0.25 per cent of HMG patients.

"Some of the comments that have been made are rude and offensive or use racist language and it is sad that some people in our beautiful city can be so unpleasant. To be clear, residents at the Three Counties Hotel will receive the same service as other patients."

Many patients are frustrated that they cannot access the practice's services at present; however, HMG say it is working hard to ensure everyone receives the best care despite a national shortage of clinical and administrative staff.

"We are grateful to have internationally trained GPs and other staff who make up such a valuable part of our team.

"Funding cuts, combined with increased demand due to long hospital waiting lists and lack of both clinical and non-clinical staff is creating a situation where we are being asked to do more with less. However, the registration of residents of the Three Counties Hotel will have a minimal impact on the availability of appointments.

"We are grateful to the majority of our patients who understand this and would take this opportunity to reiterate that HMG has a zero tolerance approach to any discrimination. We will not tolerate discriminatory language that is made against any patients or staff."