Muslims will celebrate Eid on Friday to mark the end of Ramadan.

Many countries and mosques began to make official announcements today (Thursday April 20). The moon sighting committee based in Saudi Arabia has announced that Eid will be on Friday. 

That does not mean that all Muslims will be celebrating on Friday as further announcement are due this evening.

All Muslims began the holy month of Ramadan on March 23.

The debates over the sighting of the moon are a traditional feature leading up to the festival. One Muslim group had taken the unlikely step of announcing Eid for Friday (April 21) a week early.

Some years nations will celebrate on the same date whilst other years sees a difference of opinion as to when the moon can be sighted in different parts of the world.

Muslims will be heading for morning prayers which tend to conclude by 10am and many will then head to the local cemetery to pay their respects to those who are not with them at this special time.