Mosques will be permitted to amplify the call to prayer in Blackburn and Darwen.

It will be the first time all mosques have been granted permission to do so since Covid three years ago when the buildings remained shut in line with rulings at the time.

The month of Ramadan began on March 23 and is set to end on April 21 or 22. Mosques will be permitted to amplify the call to prayer or the Azaan (also spelt Adhan) via speaker systems for the Friday prayers which take place on April 21.

This date could be the final day of Ramadan or Eid itself as sometimes the month of Ramadan can last 29 days instead of 30. This all depends on the sighting of the new moon during the days preceding the festival.

Friday prayers or Jummah takes place during early afternoon and outside of Eid is the busiest day of the week for mosques.

Yasir Sufi who had made the request said: “I first asked in Ramadan 2020, when all mosques were locked down, as those attending would be used to listening to the call to prayer inside the mosque. The call to prayer is quite beautiful to listen to, and it's a small way of uniting everyone. Blackburn is a town that is proud of its diversity. 

“Three years after first asking it's good to see they haven't once said ‘no’. It could be the last Friday of Ramadan or the day of Eid."

Blackburn with Darwen Chief Executive Denise Park confirmed that permission had been given for mosques in the borough to amplify their call to prayer on Friday 21 April between 1.15pm and 1.45pm. 

She said: “In 2020 our local Muslim communities celebrated Eid during lockdown. To support private prayers within households on Eid day, arrangements were made for mosques to amplify the call to prayer and I know that it meant a lot to our Muslim residents.  

“Following a request this year, we’ve again agreed that any local mosques can amplify the call to prayer at lunchtime on Friday 21 April, which will be either the last Friday in Ramadan or Eid day itself.”