British Muslim women shop at TK Max and Top shop and don't think there are enough good Muslim men about.

That is according to a new survey which delves into the everyday habits of British Muslim women. The survey was conducted by Ummah Foods and Sisters Magazine and 1,000 women from all walks of life were questioned.

One of the most surprising findings was that British Muslim women, married and unmarried are still romantics at heart. Finding a soul mate and settling down in a happy family environment were top of the women's list with 96 per cent saying that this is what marriage meant to them.

But finding that soul mate might be problem as 48 per cent said good Muslim men were hard to find.

A further 24 per cent said not enough Muslim men today practiced the Sunnah with their wives.

But contrary to some opinions only one per cent thought Muslim men were under-achievers.

Also of interest to Muslim men is the fact that, while character and Islamic knowledge come top of the Muslim woman's wish list, racial background is ranked as one of the least important aspects.

Predictably, the local halal butcher (41 per cent) and local grocers (22 per cent) were two places most Muslim women got their halal produce from.

Fifty-two per cent also wanted to run their own business while 70 per cent said matters relating to life in the UK mattered to them more than events worldwide.

What the Hijab means was also a feature in the survey. Over half said it simply meant.. dressing modestly' whilst only 19 per cent said it meant covering up completely.

The most popular shops for Muslim women were TK Max and Primark, although 13 per cent now shop online too.