Representatives from a Hindu Temple arranged two events to raise money for those affected by the earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

The devastating event last month has left tens of thousands dead and many builds reduced to rubble.

Weeks later another earthquake struck causing further fatalities and destruction.

In response to this and to raise awareness and funds members from Swaminarayan Mandir in Deane organised two events over the weekend.

The Swaminarayan Pipe Band marched through Bolton Town Centre.

The procession went up and down Newport Street to the delight of crowds watching on.

Volunteers collected funds during the time that the music and procession kept people entertained.

Later in the day a peace vigil was held at the temple with representatives of all faiths invited to take part.

Anvi Varyani, a volunteer with the group, said she was happy with how the procession had gone.

She said: “It went really well.

“The group practices two to three times a week.

“We have got some young players, our youngest is nine.

“As soon as we heard about the devastation we decided we would do something to fundraise.”

At the peace vigil community member Kersheaup Vagadia was among those who spoke.

He was among five members from the temple who travelled to Turkey in the aftermath of the earthquake.

He said: “We got to the third worst affected area Hatay.

“It took us 17 hours to get there with 14 hours on the road.

“We saw high rise buildings had collapsed and had been reduced to rubble.

“We were told to go out in pairs because there was a lot of robbing going on.

“We were there for a week.

“We wanted to help in anyway.

“Last year we went to Poland to help people who had been affected by the war in Ukraine.”