The conviction of the wife of failed suicide bomber Hussain Osman is a simple message to the community.

If you or anyone you know hides or assists one who is looking to wreak destruction on innocent by-standers then you are as guilty as they are.

Yeshi Girma, 32, knew of his plot to kill innocent Tube passengers on July 21, 2005, and could have stopped the plot from going ahead, the Old Bailey heard.

Just over half an hour after his failed attack on Shepherd's Bush Tube station, Osman was on the phone to his wife to set in motion an escape plan.

Girma, the mother of Osman's three children, helped him flee to Brighton. He later took a Eurostar train to Paris then travelled on to Rome, where he was arrested.

The court heard that Girma knew that her husband had fallen under the spell of extremists.

Girma claimed in court that despite having three children with Osman she was not married to him and did not live with him, and knew little of what he was doing.

But today she was found guilty by a jury of having information about terrorism and "without reasonable excuse" failing to disclose it.

What do you think? Should relatives who know that their family members are likely to act as bombers be found guilty in this way?

Or can relatives and friends do very little?