A much-needed new prayer shelter at a cemetery is taking shape.

Contractors have built the structure and are working on the roof at the new Muslim  section of Blackburn cemetery.

The old structure which had been used for many years was deemed too small and was regularly flooded and leaked during bad weather.

Plans were approved for the new shelter last year.

Some Muslim funerals can attract hundreds of worshippers but the funeral prayers themselves will last under 20 minutes, with people tending to leave the cemetery once prayers have concluded.

The former Muslim section of the cemetery had filled up and the prayer shelter itself although used was unable to accommodate people all year round.

More importantly the new prayer shelter will include toilets, a small kitchen and a heating system and will open up on to the new Muslim section of the cemetery.

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Work is under way to build a new prayer shelter at Pleasington cemetery

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The new Muslim burial section is based is the top of the cemetery past an area which was used by Muslims in the 1970s

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It had been predicted that this section would come into use last August but further land has been made available in the old section.

A Council report in 2022 said: "The current Muslim burial grounds which surround the existing prayer shelter will be at capacity by 2023 at which point all future burials will take place in the new extension to the north of the cemetery, some considerable distance from the existing shelter.

"The existing prayer shelter is not built to modern day standards and is not fit for purpose.

"The building has no hot water or heating, hence in the winter months it is extremely cold. The water pipes burst regularly.

"A tendering process has been completed for the construction of a new modular prayer shelter which includes a prayer hall of a similar size, a small kitchen, toilets, utilities/services, and a heating system.

"The cost of has increased as a result of rising inflation and the increasing cost of materials and labour and additional capital funding is required to deliver the project."

Here is a video posted this week of the shelter from Blackburn Muslim Community.