Members of a disability group took part in a thrilling indoor skydiving session.

The group from Purple Patch visited the iFLY Indoor Skydiving Centre near the Trafford Centre, alongside people from Age UK and Ability Counts.

Brian Mills and his wife Glen organised the 'All Abilities' session of indoor skydiving to showcase how anyone can participate in the extreme sport regardless of their disability or age.

Glen Mills has MS and uses a wheelchair and despite being 88 years old, she’s still able to indoor skydive.

More than 30 people with varying disabilities from different charities took part on the day.

Glen said: "I feel completely exhilarated whilst I’m indoor skydiving. This hobby has changed my life completely.

"I get a feeling of total freedom and almost euphoria. Knowing how it helps me both physically and mentally, I am introducing the thrill of flight to other people with disabilities.”

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The team from Purple Patch wait for their turn

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Zahid Chopdat from Purple Patch in the wind tunnel

Participants were assisted by instructors and wore full skydiving gear inside the state of the art wind tunnel.

Customers simply lean forward onto a fast-moving column of air to simulate a real parachute jump.

Yunus Chopdat who took part in the sessions said: “I liked it a lot. We had to wear the full gear and we spent a whole day there.”

Ashraf Mohammed said: “This is the first time I have done anything like this and enjoyed it so much.

“I wasn’t that scared. It was amazing.”

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Heena Elahi with her certificate having completed the session

Umar Hanif said: “I liked it. The staff were really good and helpful. The first time was a little scary but then I got used to it.

“I also learnt all the signals. I would definitely do it again.”

Hina Ellahi said: “I enjoyed it a lot the full suit and the staff were really good.”

Purple Patch is based at Bangor Street Community Centre and caters for families from across the borough.

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