New CCTV footage shows the speed a car was travelling before it was involved in a horror crash last week.

The incident happened at around 3pm on Wednesday, July 13, in St James’s Road, Blackburn.

In footage the car can be seen heading up towards Shear Brow before it is involved in a collision, outside St James’s Church.

Another vehicle behind the car immediately stops following the horror crash.

In the video the car can clearly be seen travelling at a far higher speed than other vehicles being driven along the road.

A councillor has now repeated calls for drivers to "stop risking their lives and those of other road users".

The mangled wreckage of the BMW was filmed later as it came to a rest next a parked car.

 Across the road, another vehicle involved in the incident had a damaged front end and wheel.

Parked vehicles on the busy street had also been damaged following the incident.

Local residents and passers-by had rushed to the scene to help those involved in the crash.

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Emergency services, including the police, had closed the road at the junction with Northfield Road, with the crash taking place during the school rush hour.

Police said passengers had escaped with minor injuries.

Cllr Hussain Akhtar said the crash could have ended with a fatality.

"It is very lucky nobody was killed here.

"What possesses a person to drive at high speeds through narrow streets with cars parked on both sides? These streets are not made for such speeds.

"There are also junctions on the left.

“We have a real problem I’m afraid with some drivers risking their own life and those of other road users.

“This needs be more responsibility from drivers.”

Cllr Akhtar said people 'feared' using the roads.

He added: “You may have mums and young children travelling on the school run. I know now on the streets of Blackburn people are scared when they use the roads with some people driving far too fast for the conditions.”