A MAN slapped someone who was a member of the English Defence League in Glasgow Central Station.

Felix Ferguson, 58, was spotted acting erratically by staff whilst in the train station at 10.20pm on July 17, 2021.

He was punching his fists together and was overheard saying “where is that b*****d”.

Around 10 minutes later, Abdul Rafiq, who was once the only Muslim member of the far-right organisation, noticed Ferguson walking toward him.

Last week, Glasgow Sheriff Court heard Ferguson stated, “you’re an orange b*****d” and slapped Mr Rafiq once with an open hand to the side of his face.

It's not known if Mr Rafiq is still a member of the organisation.

He contacted police after the assault. Officers attended and saw Ferguson acting erratically.

He was arrested and taken to London Road police office where he was cautioned and charged, and replied: "He deserved it."

Ferguson’s lawyer said his client advised him Mr Rafiq was a member of the organisation, formerly run by Tommy Robinson.

He added: “It’s one that is racist and sectarian towards the Irish and my client is of that background.

“This was a chance meeting.

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“He confronted the complainer about this, stating he should ‘take that rubbish off YouTube’.

"The complainer called him a ‘fenian b*****d’ and made other offensive remarks and he reacted as liable. He accepts his behaviour was unacceptable.

“He had consumed six or seven pints of lager and that’s not an excuse.

“He accepts he has an analogous previous conviction since 2017 but he doesn’t have any other convictions. Alcohol is not an issue he advises, but the report states there is a connection between alcohol and his previous offence and this matter.

“He has been out of work for 20 years as he has health issues. He was previously in the Army.”

Ferguson’s lawyer explained his client was suitable for a restriction of liberty order and supervision.

He added: “He would be willing to pay a fine or compensation, however, there was an element of aggravation coming from the complainer.

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“He is aware this is a serious matter, and a custodial sentence is open to the court.”

Sheriff Simone Sweeney told Ferguson: “This is the second time you appear before the court in relation to this nature of offending, however, I’m satisfied there is an alternative to a custodial sentence.”

Ferguson, of Busby, was fined £380.