One shopkeeper’s mango tower consisting of 10,000 mangoes is proving to be a draw for passers-by in Blackburn.

Alam Food Store’s ‘mango tower’ was back on display on Preston New Road today.

The shopkeeper said it took him up to an hour to balance the boxes this morning when the fresh shipment arrived.

He said: “The mangoes are always popular and we take our time to display properly.

“We have had some great comments from people passing by and drivers.

“There around 900 boxes of mangoes here and they are really good sellers. There are several sizes and boxes.

“We also have a load of boxes inside the shop too. It is safe to say we have a lot of mangoes here!”

Asian Image:

A shopkeeper has taken a shipment of Pakistani mangoes.

Asian Image:

The Pakistani ‘honey mangoes’ as they are described come in several sizes. 

The smallest box is £6.50 or you can opt for four boxes will set you back £20 whilst the medium varieties are 2 boxes for £18.

The larger 2.9kg box is £15 or 2 for £28. If you are feeling really brave then you could opt for the extra-large varieties which are £18 a box (2 for £35).