THE family of a teenager, are appealing for funds to bring him home from Pakistan following a freak incident.

In February, Subhaan Ulhaq suffered a catastrophic head injury while on holiday for his brother's wedding after he fell from the roof of a house, where he was watching fireworks, onto solid concrete.

The 19-year-old, who had suffered a fractured skull, was rushed to Shifa international hospital in Islamabad for life-saving brain surgery.

He is currently in a stable condition but has no movement or sensation in the left side of his body from the neck down.

The family of the Dewsbury teen desperately want him home but the only possible way to do that is via a private jet with a built-in ICU on board.

This will cost an estimated £65,000 which they are hoping to raise through a gofundme page.

At the time of writing, an amazing, £37,148 has been raised from 1,500 donations.

Asian Image: Subhaan lives in Dewsbury.Subhaan lives in Dewsbury.

Tahmina Inam, Sunhaan's auntie who set up the fundraising campaign said: "A lot of Bradford people have been helpful and a lot of donations are from there.

"For five months, he has been undergoing several surgeries which have included having an artificial bone fitted. His case is very complicated.

"He can't fly commercially because part of his skull is missing.

"Before the Ukraine crisis we were quoted £55,000 (for the private jet), now it is £75,000. 

"We realise this is a huge target and times are tough financially for most at the moment but please if anyone can make any donation, however big or small, it will all help to get Subhaan on a flight home; we would all be eternally grateful.

"Thank you for all of the support that everyone's already given."

Asian Image: The teen was rushed to a hospital in Islamabad.The teen was rushed to a hospital in Islamabad.

On March 6, Sunhaan started to communicate verbally and, although still bed-bound, he was able to eat semi-solid food orally.

Later that month, he went into surgery to have the skull bone placed back into his head. 

On April 14, the Yorkshireman's situation deteriorated meaning he had to undergo surgery again.

At the start of May, after having his bone put back in his head, he was discharged from the hospital and sent home.

A few days later he developed an infection and had emergency surgery to remove the bone again which is now rendered useless.

Despite improving a lot in May, doctors would not authorise his travel by air due to the large area of missing skull bone. The cabin pressure can have an adverse effect, so it was deemed too risky. 

On June 12, Subhaan had the artificial skull bone placed back in his head.

Click here to donate to Subhaan's gofundme page.