HUNDREDS of men, women and children have gathered from across North and East Yorkshire today at York Mosque to celebrate Eid al-Fitr.

They came from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures from many different parts of the world.

They ate, they drank, children played on bouncey castles, they chatted and they worshipped as they marked the end of their holy month of Ramadan.

Ismail Miah, associate member of York Mosque, said for Muslim families, today is similar to Christmas Day for Christian families.

It is a time for celebration both with their communities and at home and a chance to eat during the day after the month-long daytime fasting of Ramadan.

The celebrations can last for up to three days.

York Mosque is the spiritual and social centre for Muslims not just from the city but as far afield as Bridlington and Selby.

"We wish you Eid Mubarak," said Mr Miah.

One of the reasons for the fast is to remind Muslims of what those in poverty who do not have enough to eat throughout the year have to endure.

Giving to the needy at any time is an essential part of their faith.