Martin Lewis has revealed how you can get a free Starbucks item in his weekly email from the MoneySavingExpert website.

The financial advice guru has a number of coupon-related savings on the MSE website, with one of them being for a 200ml Starbucks Doubleshot Intenso.

This is only available to do through purchasing the product through Sainsbury's, Motor Food Group, or Shell only.

You can get your money back for this item from a cashback scheme on the Shopmium app.

Make sure to keep your receipt safe after buying the product initially as it will be required.

You'll need to photograph your receipt and upload it in the Shopmium app, and you may also need to scan the product barcode.

It will then be possible to claim up to £1.99 back or an ammount making it free.

One the MSE website it says: "It's worth going quickly if it's something you want, as we've seen offers like this finish early.

"Check the app before you buy to ensure you've been offered the deal, and don't buy unless it's something you'd use anyway."

The Shopmium app is available for download on both the Apple Store and the Google Play store.