Women are hypocritical when it comes to how they treat their own families and their partners.

Her own brothers will never lift a finger when they are home and get the food served to them. They are lazy and hardly do anything in the home.

At the same time, I am expected to be this ‘modern man’ who can feed the kids, do the washing and help around the house at every opportunity. If I don’t, I get told off and then compared to their friend’s husbands.

I don't mind doing any chores but the double standards can be annoying.

A lot of other Asian women are like this. They grow up with brothers and dads who do nothing at home and then when they get married they take out the anger out on their partners. 

However, when they go back home to visit their family home they won’t let their own brothers and dads do anything. They will run around all evening serving them food. It is so funny to watch but at the same time makes you a little angry. One minute you are talking about ‘helping around the house’ and the next minute you can’t do enough for your own family.

Other times their own brothers will be out partying and they won’t bat an eyelid. And this is something no woman will admit to. They will speak out against their sister-in-laws but never against their own brothers. 

If you are going to hold your own husbands to one standard then you should do the same for your brothers.

You might find some women reading this thinking ‘men are the same’. That they will go running to their mums whenever they have a problem. 

Asian women are quick to comment on social media about how ‘lazy Asian men are’ but I think it is the opposite. 

A lot of Asian women now are laying down the law when they get married and I see of young Asian men not knowing what to do. If they say anything then they get labelled as ‘chauvinistic’ and if they don’t they get told they are not ‘real men’. It is a no-win situation.

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