A man who offered to pay for another man’s tea says he ended up paying £25.

The man known as Farook said he was Manshah Sweet Centre in Blackburn with his wife and three children He said “I was there for breakfast with my family and this family acquaintance we have not seen for a while walked in. I refer to him as an ‘uncle’ because he is my fathers age.

“I recognised him and walked over and introduced myself we talked for a few minutes “I made a gesture to him and said would you like something to eat? He replied ‘okay’, but did not mention what he would like.

I did not really suggest that I should pay for it but did say something in Punjabi along the lines of ‘not to worry about it and it was on me.’ “This would normally mean go grab a tea and I will sort it.”

Later Farook walked outside to make a phone call.

“When I got back he was leaving and had a bag in his hand. I presumed he had bought his own meal and left.

“I sat back down with my family and eventually got up to pay the bill. My bill came to came to £12 and I was then told that the other person’s bill was £25.

“It was a shock. I thought he would just have a cup of tea. But to spend £25 is a bit cheeky. You just don’t do that sort of thing do you?

“What kind of person does that? I have not met him since but when I do - I will be having a few words. That is taking advantage of someone’s good nature.”