Is it turning into a bit of a cliche to say that the end is in sight? I feel like that’s been the opener for my columns for the last few months, however, what else is there going on these days?   

Actually, there has been a lot happening in the world, and it can seem like a dark place at times. However, while social media has its downsides, one of the good things is that we are hearing things that might not have made mainstream news otherwise.

The importance of value 

A recent Instagram post of mine became a focal point of discussion. My main point was about valuing yourself, which is something we’re all guilty of neglecting, particularly women who are their own bosses and mum’s who work around their children.

Sometimes in this side-hustle/ working mama / blogger world, the lines between paid work and doing things for free often get blurred and skewed towards the latter. But just because you love what you do, doesn’t mean you should do it for free.

So my main advice is, be your own HR rep, your own team leader. Your own cheerleader. Know your worth, because you’re worth a lot.

Are you ready for the world?   

So how are you feeling about getting back to normal again? On my part, it’s been slow moving. Having shielded at the beginning of the pandemic, going from that to business as usual is jarring. We’ve been to a couple of restaurants where we’ve eaten outdoors, though it still makes me nervous.

There’s been talk about how some people have gotten so used to lockdown, that there is almost a bit of anxiety about returning to the world as it once was. However, as with all things, there are no hard and fast rules. So if you’re feeling daunted, do things are your own pace.

Some Eid inspo

And just like that, Eid is upon us. If you’re in a bind about what to get, I’ve curated a little handy guide with Eid gift ideas for him, for her, and for the little ones.  Do have a read if you’re looking for ideas.

And I’ve been doing my bit for us brown girls (again), with Wunder2, another foundation review which takes the fuss out of finding the right shade.

Social media – when is it too much?   

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m actually seriously considering joining TikTok. Well, technically I’ve already joined, except I haven’t posted anything yet. 

I had promised myself I wouldn’t touch another social media platform, what with already doing Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, albeit the latter is poorly executed. However as a writer and self-employed mama, it seems I have to have my fingers in a few pies, albeit reluctantly.      

It’s a funny thing though, once you enter the world of social media it’s like going down the rabbit hole. There’s all this focus on engaging, being active and consistent. It’s almost like an unpaid job where the spec keeps changing without any notice. If social media was a real employer, HR would be all over them in a shot. Still, as I say, in my line of work, there are necessary evil. A bit like dentists, really.They’re absolute butchers, but you kind of need them.

What I’m loving this month: 

Mini Muslims Subscription Box

I reviewed this in my Eid gift guide for kids. It’s a monthly box with craft ideas with a focus on Islamic education. My daughter loved her box, and if you check out my Eid guide you’ll see why.

Pink Pocktail gifts

Focusing on Eid, Pink Pocktail offers a host of stunning gifts which are guaranteed to brighten any home. The moon and star trays adds touch of magic to any table, and the lights will adorn our fireplace long after Eid.

Maggio heels

For a touch of luxury, Maggio heels make for a great gift, or a treat for yourself. The stunning stiletto heels have beautiful adornments and take three months to make. And after the year we’ve all had, we deserve such decadence.