A customer has spoken out after witnessing diners getting upset because a halal restaurant did not serve alcohol.

The man says he was sat in a Cafe Aylanto last weekend and saw a couple arguing with the owner about ‘not being able to bring alcohol’ on the premises. He said he himself was happy to forego alcohol and encouraged chefs to keep serving up ‘wonderful food’.

The customer named Pete said: “I was having a meal at Cafe Aylanto when there was a disturbance a few tables away from me.

“To cut a long story short, a couple (Anglo Saxon English, as am I) were arguing loudly with the owner because he did not stock alcohol nor would he allow them to bring their own alcohol onto the premises.

“I like a nice drink with my meal but am happy to forgo alcohol if I am enjoying my food - which I certainly was that day. Speaking to the owner afterwards he stated that this is a regular occurrence at his restaurants.

“Hence - please accept my apologies on behalf of all alcohol drinkers to all restaurant owners who choose not to serve alcohol. Keep serving wonderful food instead.”

Speaking to us this week the owner of the restaurant based on Bury Old Road, Rochdale said it was very kind of the customer to get in touch and he had always encouraged his staff to be polite no whatever the circumstances.

We approached the restaurant for comment.

Manager Tayyab Iqbal said: “It is very nice of him to support us in this way. Each and every customer and individual is different.

“We do not serve alcohol and we do not allow it on the premises. We are similar to many other places. We like to focus on the food itself.

“We do get customers who do make an issue about it but you can’t be rude in return or aggressive no matter what the circumstances.

“All our staff members are told to be police with everyone. We like to make all our customers feel special.”

The Cafe Aylanto serves a mix of steaks, paninis, burgers and desserts and only recently opened its doors to the public after restrictions lifted.

Mr Iqbal added: “We took over in March 2020 and I think the confusion may sometimes arise from the fact that we used to be a pub. I am glad people enjoy our food here though.