A Palestinian hospital manager who works with Global Relief Trust spoke on the phone about life during the constant barrage of Israeli bombs, bullets and shelling towards the besieged Gaza Strip.

Yusuf Ahmed, 42, is a medical technician and manager at the Kamal Edwan hospital in north Gaza. He has a Masters degree in Business administration. 

Yusuf said: “As of yesterday 87 people have been killed due to the Israeli assault, 18 of them were children. There have been more than 700 injured in total.

“The situation in Gaza is very critical it is in a desperate state, bombs are killing citizens, buildings are being destroyed whether people are guilty of a crime or not.

“The whole of Gaza is like this, there is no safe place here, even in your homes, you may be bombed and end up in heaven. You won’t be able to imagine the situation we are facing.

“My daughter and son cannot sleep and my wife is constantly worried, it is a difficult life here.

“My message to the world is that the noble people of Gaza want to be free –nothing else. Israel says it is acting in self defence but in fact it was them who started the hostilities. 

 “The world needs to support the oppressed people of Palestine and campaign for their freedom and a life of dignity. They can help by assisting us financially and politically.

“Hospitals all over Gaza are inundated, including the Bait Hanun hospital, the Ashifa hospital and the Najjar hospital. Many private and government hospitals are treating injured victims.

“While I am speaking to you there is constant bombing taking place, every second every minute. You don’t know when you will be wounded or martyred.

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His son and daughter explained that they are terrified that they may be bombed any minute.

Yusuf added: “It was my birthday yesterday, my family couldn’t celebrate with me although they bought me a cake.

“To all the people of the UK, it is another day in Gaza with reports of more casualties and deaths. May Allah reward you and may the Ummah be victorious. So please support us as we are defending the honour of the Muslims.

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The fresh bout of violence exploded after the al-Aqsa mosque was violated by Israeli police who entered the compound and attacked worshippers.

The Al-Aqsa mosque is located in the Old City of Jerusalem in Palestine and is the third holiest site in Islam after the Prophet’s Mosque in Madina and the Grand Mosque in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

“This is the second time that the people of Gaza have had an Eid while being bombed and assaulted. We have new clothes and sweets but we aren’t able enjoy the special day. My family will have to stay at home, so this is how we will spend our Eid.”

Note: While the interview was taking place the sound of constant bombing could be heard.

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