A mum of four quarantining in a hotel for ten days has described the experience as a ‘nightmare’.

From 4am on Friday April 9, international visitors who departed from or transited through the Philippines, Pakistan, Kenya and Bangladesh must quarantine in a government approved hotel for 10 days.

The family of five from the West Midlands are staying in the Radisson Red Hotel Heathrow following a trip to Pakistan and arrived back in the UK after the deadline.

She got in touch after reading of the plight of other families stuck in quarantine hotels.

The 'Managed Quarantine Hotel Package' – includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, evening meal and hot and cold drinks, two Covid tests and transfer from the port of arrival to and from the hotel at the end of your quarantine. Hotel stays for the period cost £1,750 and are paid for by the traveller, and they are provided three meals a day.

She told us: “It has been a nightmare, the food deliveries are always incorrect or have some food missing and if I was to call about food being wrong they never answer the phone.”

A week into Ramadan she said the hotel had not in her opinion made inadequate arrangements for the holy month when Muslims must fast from sunrise to sunset.

She “The first roza (fast) there was no dates given at iftari and the food is not catered to our needs.

“Surely they should have made arrangements to provide from halal caterers as the food is all English food. For breakfast there’s no choice of toast or bread, eggs or beans. We have been here since 9 April and not had a proper breakfast.

“I have 4 children aged from 7 to 11 who are bored and have been hungry as the food is very bland which I then have to order from the local takeaway so my kids don’t get hunger. Again this adds the expenses up.

“Surely we paid over £3000 they should have let us eat what we want not from their fixed menu.

“We just can’t wait to go home it's like being in a prison.”

The family visited Pakistan to see a close relative who was in hospital due to a hip fracture. She felt there had not been great consideration for those with young families by the government.

She told us: “I am constantly sorting the orders out with being on the phone for long periods of time and having to order takeaway. The kids margarita pizzas looked like they came from Aldi and was cold by the time my daughter opened their fast.

“This is a hotel is from hell, the staff are nowhere to be seen. The security people are doing a fabulous job and I even had a security guard deal with some of my problems where the hotel staff couldn't.”

A statement from the Radisson Red Hotel Heathrow read: "We take our role in assisting the UK government with its hotel quarantine programme very seriously - to help provide a safe and comfortable experience for travellers. We work with the Department for Health and Social Care and their representatives to provide this service based on the specifications and costs set by the government.

"All guests receive food deliveries and water supplies daily, as per the specifications set by the government. The food menus are revised on a weekly basis. To the extent possible, we implement our guests’ feedback on the menus to ensure it is satisfactory for all our guests.

"All staff at our properties have been trained in the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol which includes mandatory use of PPE along with sanitation and hygiene procedures, as well as regular training for all staff on these procedures.

"Our team is working in partnership with the UK Government-contracted security staff at the property who manage all guest movements at the property to help keep them safe and secure.

"A team of DHSC-contracted risk management professionals is also present on a 24 hour basis at the hotel and is able to provide an initial assessment of any risks or mental or physical health needs related to the quarantine guests and has an escalation process in place.

"We take all feedback from guests on board to help continue to meet the standard of service in our property whilst complying with the requirements set by the DHSC."