A Blackburn videographer who captured hundreds of weddings over a 35-year career has died.

Zaigham Parvaiz of Beresford Road was better known to many as the man who ran Ziggy Videos. He was a regular feature at many Asian weddings and special occasions.

The father of three died of Covid aged 62 and was buried on March 8 at Pleasington Cemetery.

Mr Parvaiz was born in Pakistan and hailed from the village of Sarai Alamgir. He began his wedding business in the eighties producing images and films for couples across the North West.

His son Yasser said: “Obviously back then all the pictures would have been processed and everything was filmed on those large cameras.

“He saw technology change and went through a series of cameras.”

Asian Image:

Mr Parvaiz quickly became well respected for his filming and photography skills. He also covered special occasions and became one of the most sought after videographers in the town covering hundreds of events.

Mr Parvaiz despite being over 60 had not been offered a vaccine.
Yasser said: “We are not sure why he was not offered a vaccine even though he was the age bracket that should have received it.

“Other family members who were younger were offered the vaccine and took it.”

The family said they had been inundated with messages from the community.

Yasser said: “My father was always full of life and always had a helping hand for his family and friends. 

“He was well known around the neighbourhood and in his local masjid, where he regularly recorded the monthly lectures.”

Yasser added: “He was always seen with a smile on his face. He loved spending time with his family including his children and his young grandson, Ayden-Ibrahim. 

“This new addition to the family brought him a great deal of joy. He in turn brought joy, laughter and happiness to his grandson. 

“He will be greatly missed, never forgotten and always in our hearts. 

“We pray that Almighty Allah reunites us all in Jannatul Firdous.

Mr Parvaiz is survived by his wife, Susan, and three children, Soraya, Yasser and Tamiya.