A charity is celebrating International Women’s Day by launching their own song entitled ‘Together’.

Accrington based Aawaz said they have been ‘supporting the communities and encouraging them to stay positive' during the pandemic. And through this work came a poem made up of words collected from a group of ladies who had all accessed the charity’s support. 

Aawaz Patron Mrs Jean Battle MBE said: “We were so moved by the poem, that it was felt, it needed to be shared with everyone.” 

Aawaz worked with music Teacher Jayne Bradshaw and the Over 50s New Era Choir to create the song. Jayne helped to create the song and the music, and her husband Brian Bradshaw recorded and produced the audio. 

Aawaz supporters joined in the zoom sessions learning to sing. A video accompanies the song produced by Samantha Deas. 

Aawaz Chairperson Maryam Jahanzeb said: “This year it is not possible to hold our annual multicultural community event to celebrate the achievement of the learners, but the service users wanted to get the message to all the communities by means of the song. It is such a challenging time for everyone”. 

The Aawaz song 'Together' can also be viewed on the charity's website www.aawaz.org.uk