Penny Appeal founder Adeem Younis, is set to release his autobiography this April - 'Small Change, Big Difference', details the multimillionaire entrepreneur’s journey from growing up in West Yorkshire to raising over £100 million in ten years. 

The autobiography tells the story of the success of Penny Appeal, an international humanitarian charity with a footprint in 56 countries around the world.

In his book, Adeem takes readers behind the scenes and shares business and marketing insights, documenting the challenges he has overcome in his determination to take small change and use it to transform the world.

The book follows Adeem’s story, from losing his father at just eight years old and growing up poor, to becoming a dotcom millionaire and philanthropist.

To date, the charity has received over 100,000 child sponsorships, delivered over 10,000,000 meals, built over 30,000 wells, and provided eye care for nearly 14,000 patients at specialist eye camps.

Adeem said: "More than a charity, Penny Appeal has become a global movement, founded in the heart of Yorkshire and reaching millions around the world. 

"Many have seen our incredible accomplishments but I wanted this book to highlight the hidden struggles away from the limelight and obstacles that few people see.”

 ‘Small Change Big Difference’ is available for pre-order from Amazon and will be released on 14 April to coincide with the first day of Ramadan.