A new programme from BBC News Bangla aims to raise discussions of viral and trending topics. Presented by the BBC’s Faisal Titumir, the weekly programme on Channel i will explore trending topics from different angles as well as fact-checking the rumours that often go viral on social media.

BBC News Bangla editor, Sabir Mustafa, said: “As Bangladeshi youth increasingly get their news from social media, we realised a need for a programme tailored for these younger audiences – to inform them about the trends and to explore together the truths and the untruths. There will be no topics that are out of reach or are taboo for Bangladesh #trending.”

Director and Head of News of Channel i, Shykh Seraj, said: “Channel i has been partnering with BBC for quite a long time, now presenting so many different programmes for the audience. The Bangladesh #trending initiative is going to be a landmark hashtag for people countrywide, and stories will spread even faster as the key topics will come out from the social-media trends that went viral. We will get to discover citizen journalism in the most exciting manner.”

In each edition of Bangladesh #trending Faisal Titumir will moderate between two panellists from the programme’s pool of young social-media activists, to explore the week’s trending issues. Audiences will connect with the programme via Facebook and Twitter.

Faisal Titumir is known to those who watch BBC programmes on Channel i or via the BBC News Bangla website or YouTube channel, as the presenter and producer of the BBC’s weekly technology programme, Click. Faisal said: “Whether they connect with us by social-media posts or by talking directly on our programme, I want to make sure young audiences always see Bangladesh #trending as their platform where we get together to chat, informally and freely, about the week’s trending topics that have touched us.”

Aired by Channel i at 9.35pm Bangladesh time on Mondays – replacing the Monday edition of BBC Probaho – Bangladesh #trending is also streamed via the website bbc.com/bangla and is available on demand via the BBC News Bangla YouTube channel.

BBC News Bangla is part of BBC World Service.