So gradually things will be going back to normal from here on in. Like all of us I’m sure, I can’t wait for some semblance of normality. Lockdown 3.0 has been brutal. 

The novelty of being in a bubble has worn off, it’s been too cold to explore outdoors like we did the first time round, and the Groundhog Day of homeschooling, cook, feed, tidy and repeat has taken its toll.

If nothing else, I can’t wait to be able to wear a saree again. I was talking to a friend (via social media, obviously) and we worked out that it’s been four years since I donned a sparkly festive number such as the exhibit you see pictured.

Bridezilla unleashed 

It’s been one month since I unleashed the Bengali Bridezilla out into the world, and it’s been amazing.

I’m only two books old, but I’m glad to say that this book had an even more successful launch than my debut, The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage.

A personal best for me was hitting no.26 in the Biographical Fiction category on Amazon and breaking into the top 9k of the entire UK store.

I know that doesn’t sound too impressive compared to many more established authors, but for me, figuring this whole author business out whilst raising a baby and toddler in lockdown, it’s a great result.

Solving the foundation conundrum

Any brown girl can attest that finding the right foundation is a struggle, even with all the options available. To make that challenge easier, I’ve enlisted an expert on the blog to share her top foundations for Asian skin, which you can see here.

Elsewhere in the world, the frost has defrosted, the days are getting warmer and longer and I hope, pray and dream that better days are coming.

What I’m loving this month

Eid advent calendars

It’s started. I’m trying to make Eid as magical for my daughter as Christmas seems. Like most of our kids, she is surrounded by the fairy lights, festive programs and general commerciality of Christmas, so my solution is to make Eid just as festive.

The great news is, there are lots of companies providing Ede gift ideas and decorations, which were non-existent when I was growing up. I’ve just purchased these cute felt Eid advent calendars which I’ve been filling with treats. I’ll share more about this when I do my Eid gift guide on Also, if you've started thinking about Ramadan, you might want to check out my 21 easy Ramadan recipes.   

Speaking of Eid...

Asian Image:

Farhi luxury stuffed dates

A cornerstone of Ramadan in our house is opening our fast with big, juicy medjoul dates.

So when Farhi got in touch about reviewing their more-ish stuffed dates, it was a no-brainer.  With fillings such as pistachios, milk and white chocolate, the only challenge will be not eating them all before Ramadan even starts. That’s willpower right there.

Water Pik flosser

With all that date stuffing, we’ll need to keep the dentist at bay, and I’ve discovered just the thing.  Okay, so technically it’s not a new discovery as I known of it for years, however I’ve only got round to buying one now. And to say it’s revolutionised my toothbrushing routine would be an understatement.

Basically the Water Pik cleans between the gaps in the teeth more efficiently than string floss.

As an Asian woman and new mum, I’ve been in the dentist’s chair more of late (teeth are more vulnerable post-partum), so it was to my relief when my dentist praised my teeth on the lady visit.

I didn’t even mention that I’d changed my regime, so it was nice to know my flosser is working it’s magic!