Shobna Gulati speaks with multi award winning artist, Dawinder Bansal to have an honest discussion on being a carer for one’s parent and the highs and lows that come with this.

They will discuss Shobna’s debut book, ‘Remember Me?’ and the themes of memory, family life and migration. Looking closely at Shobna’s journey in discovering how her mother’s Alzheimer’s dementia changed them both and opened up different worlds and memories which she recalls in her new book.

“Caring for someone with dementia is an isolating experience. Your world is reduced to that one room. You can’t live your life at the same time as living in theirs. I was at Mum’s for about five years. It changes you completely.”

“Dementia is never identikit. No research can prepare you. Memories from different periods in my mum’s life would appear to her simultaneously, like a complex piece of jazz. I joined her on her journey. I would say: “What’s it like there, Mum?”

This event is part of the Invisible Voices Series by artist Dawinder Bansal, shining a light on hidden stories / issues faced in everyday lives.

Date: 14 February 2021
Time: 4pm-5pm

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