I was married to a Muslim man for 20 years and though he was generally good to me.

We fought and bickered like all couples but I discovered after his death, he had a second family. 

Just before, he died I suspected he was having an affair and knowing he was married to this woman too (the same woman) - he said, 'It’s really common'. 

In other words he felt no remorse or guilt that he had secretly married another and even had a family.  He just said it like that casually. 

I have four daughters. None of them want to marry a Muslim man. They believe they are all 'hypocrites, liars and cheats'. 

It’s innate in them that they feel superior and entitled. 

All my friends married English men. I did what my parents wanted even though I really did not want to. 

I was a dutiful daughter in law and wife but my husband had double standards. 

He loved to show me off to his community as. Had traditional values but had a private with wife on the side who was modern and the type you would introduce to your mates. 

Hypocrites, all of them.  If I could do it again, I would never marry a Muslim man. 

Also you are useful for childbearing and when healthy but in sickness you don’t see them for dust.

Regretful Muslim sister

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