Your legal questions answered by Marium Razzaq, Managing Partner at JMR Solicitors.

Dear Marium, My parents died a couple of years ago, leaving a Sharia Will, and they told me that they wanted me to reside in the property after their death, which I have been doing. But now, my siblings want to sell the property to take their share. What can I do?

If individuals die and leave their estate to be distributed in accordance with Shariah law, this will be carried out in accordance with Shariah rules.

This means, you will be entitled to your share of the property in accordance with whether you are male or female.

Your parents could have left a letter of wishes with their Will which would have allowed them to express their wish that they wanted you to reside in the property. However, it would be at the discretion of the Executors as to whether they interpreted the letter of wishes under strict interpretation of Shariah law.

Your agreement seems to be a verbal one, where your siblings have so far agreed to their verbal wishes, but now wish to sell the property and gain their share. This is acceptable in Sharia Law without the presence of a Letter of Wishes, and therefore, you will need to vacate the property and take your share accordingly.

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