Vocalist MAN-E has released the new trailer to the upcoming  'Teray Naal Pyar'.

MAN-E had shared the stage with among others Hunterz, Sahara ,Raghav, Mumzy, Imran Khan and Bonafide.

He also featured on the hit track 'Baby my Baby' produced by the Nas-T and featured the launch of Bilal Saeed.

He said, “After taking a few years out, I felt it was time to come back with a love ballad. I used my timeout to find myself and train my voice to give my fans and the world something different from the genre  did when I was younger.

“Teray Naal Pyar is a song that is close to my heart and the melody is very unique and heart touching. It is produced by the very talented Sher Yar Khan.”

'Teray Naal Pyar' releases on 25 December 2020.