A MOTHER has spoken of the terrifying moment two men entered her home and hit her over the head with a crowbar while her children were in the next room.

Mamta Mathur was at home in Cromwell Road, South View, Basingstoke with her husband and three children at 8.30pm on Friday, August 28 when the two men attacked her, leaving her bleeding and unconscious.

The family - who believe they were targeted because they are Asian, with the intruders mistakenly thinking they had gold, have criticised the police for not doing enough about this problem.

Asian Image: Mamta MathurMamta Mathur

Mamta, 44, said she looked up to see a man standing in front of her, wearing all black and carrying an iron rod and spray can.

“In that millisecond I had so many thoughts,” she said. “I thought what if he’s here to harm me or my teenage daughters or my husband.”

The mother-of-three said her “motherly instincts” kicked in and she knew she needed to protect her family, so she threw some papers she was holding in the intruder’s face and screamed, which shocked him into taking a step back.

“I saw my family in danger, my kids were in danger,” she explained, adding: “He started walking backwards and I started walking towards him. First, I saw him as a human being but then he became a dark image. We got to the door of my bedroom and he stumbled. It was his last chance to do something and at that point he hit me with his rod on my head.”

She said the only words the man spoke were “oi, get here”.

Mamta then noticed a second man in the hallway. She described both as wearing black trousers and black hoodies, with one having a French cut style beard. Both were white British and aged in their early 20s.

“For a split second my eyes went away from him and I saw there was another man at the door holding a crowbar. As I was falling down, he hit my stomach. I was lucky that my arm came in front of my stomach.”

The impact broke Mamta’s elbow into four pieces and she fell to the floor unconscious and bleeding.

Her daughters called the police, while Mamta’s husband Dr Rajiv walked towards the men screaming, and they left the house empty handed.

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Rajiv, 44, said: “I stepped outside and started screaming help. One came back towards me with a knife, so I stepped back in and locked the door behind me and pushed on it with my hands.”

The incident has left the family terrified, with Mamta having nightmares every time she tries to sleep.

The mum, who runs two IT businesses, spent two days in hospital receiving treatment for her injuries, including 22 stitches in her head and her arm in a cast.

As part of an appeal, police say a third man was waiting outside in a vehicle during the attack. The men are believed to have got into a nearby white car before leaving the area.

A spokesperson said: “We appreciate and understand this was a very distressing and traumatic experience for the family. However, this is an ongoing investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment at this stage. Police enquiries are still very much underway, and we will continue to liaise with the victim as to any update.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101 and quote 44200331960.