By locking down the predominantly Asian wards of the North West we are being told that we are the problem. There really is no other way of seeing this.

I do not live within these areas but I can’t see why more has not been made of this since this was announced. We are told that the infection rate is higher within these wards than anywhere else but I have one simple question to ask: Would these wards have been locked down and stricter guidelines been placed here in such a way if they were predominantly black or Jewish? Within the past two months the onus of blame has shifted towards those of south Asian background or should I say those of a Muslim background.

You might as well put barbed wire and checkpoints around our areas and be done with it. This is like some futuristic Hollywood blockbuster where only the inner-city immigrant areas are forced to live under new rules because they are said to be infected more than everyone else. Only in this case we are the descendants of immigrants. Years from now historians reading this may well see this differently and find it strange that no-one had the nerve to write about this.

Now, I will see a number of you reading this pointing out that it is for the greater good and this is due to infection rates being higher in these areas. On the same premise when London and other parts of the UK were seeing huge rises of infection in March why were those places forced to have stricter guidelines in this way?

There seems to be a two-pronged attack here on those from poor backgrounds and particular Asian communities. Some might say it is a coincidence.

If these wards are so much of a ‘problem’ I ask why on Friday will thousands be able to attend their local mosque? Why will hundreds more be able to venture out to get their half-price meals and queue up outside countless food establishments? And why are we being permitted to visit the town centre? In a week those same kids will be mingling with others from other wards.

I say we are being made an example of. In Blackburn the closure of one Asian restaurant got more media coverage than countless raves which are taking place on a daily basis.

By focusing our attention on the ‘Asian’ wards in small Northern towns we are helping to sow the seeds of doubt amongst the wider population about these ‘people’. They don’t follow rules like everyone. They are not taking the guidelines seriously enough. They are mixing at weddings and funerals and we had to take this action for the greater good. If we didn’t take any action then these ‘people’ would be a danger to themselves and to others.

But here are the real facts. We took part in more affirmative action in helping to make our communities safe. We stuck to the guidelines more than others. And we made an effort to help our fellow citizens in their hour of need.

And how we were rewarded? We were blamed for this mess and forced to endure more guidelines ‘for own good’.