Constantly blaming Asian men for problems is having a negative affect of many of us and I blame not a few bad men but women themselves. I just think it is time we spoke out for the decent Asian man.

I speak as a man who is decent in many respects. I do not drive a flash car or have a very interesting job. I am not what you would call a typical Asian man – well, not one who is constantly being bashed by Asian women.

I am not a misogynist. I do not want you to stay home and do my dishes or take care of my mum. I am not going to use religion to make you do things you don’t want to. I will do my fair share of the housework and will take care of you during the best times and the worst.

I just don’t think women and in particular Asian women want that. They have been told from a young age what an Asian man should be like, but I am sorry to say we can’t conform to those ideals anymore.

I am Muslim and I would like to meet a Muslim woman. Not for marriage straight away but if we get on then I would consider it in the future. However, if I meet someone who is not from my religion then it would not matter as long as the human being has the same ideals and outlook on life as me.

I have been to meet several women and what I found a common theme amongst them all was that they expected me to be something I wasn’t. They wanted me to be religious but at the same time ‘modern’ enough so I would not suffocate them completely. If women don’t know this ‘balance’ between religion and culture then how do they expect us to know anything?

Also, you have a new type of Muslim woman now who is constantly bashing other Muslim men because, let’s face it – it is easy to do so.

I have been in several relationships. One of which ended because she wanted me to buy a house before I would even consider getting married. It was something I simply could not do as I did not have the financial resources at the time. What kind of pressure is that to put someone under?

Another woman I met on the first date was embarrassed with the vehicle I was driving and constantly compared it to her brother’s. I could well buy an expensive car and attract attention but I choose not to. This she did not know and felt it was important that I ‘showed off’ my wealth.

The fact is and this is what many women don’t want to admit is that they are just as bad when it comes to expecting huge standards from men as we are from women. They want us to fit into an ideal of what an Asian man in modern day Britain should be and many of us just can’t do it.

We are just normal guys who have all been lumped together with all the other bad apples. It has become toxic now and even before we meet I have been Googled a hundred times by all her friends. Everyone is out to find a fault even before the first ‘Hello’.

On top of that I have been faced with irate sisters and friends of women I have known who will make her feel embarrassed that she is seeing someone who is well, ‘normal’.

I used to go on introductions with my family and sit there making polite chat but I knew it would all end with me having to pretend to be someone I wasn’t. So, when I was asked recently how come you have not been on a date for a while I replied, ‘because there are no good Asian women out there.”

Submitted by Imran