A new website aims to make marriage introductions for Muslims a whole lot easier.

The Marry Me Muslim website encourages users to meet virtually via their website or in groups. After purchasing a ticket you complete a short Event Day Profile which is used as supporting information and can be referred back to during the session. 

A video communications platform is used to run the sessions and on the day the session is split into two sections: The Group Compatibility Sessions, followed by the 1-2-1 Introductory Meeting where matching candidates will be placed into a private room at their designated time. This gives them an opportunity to speak to one another and see whether they are compatible. If they feel a connection and would like to take it further they are encouraged to exchange details before the meeting ends.

Furqan Aziz from MarryMeMuslim.com said, “The format being used sits somewhere between traditional Muslim marriage events which are usually held at local mosques, and more non-traditional speed dating events that you will find widely available. 

“From the research we have carried out, there is no median format for today’s young professional Muslim singleton. The speed dating events are focused on casual dating, whereas the local mosques events can be overly formal and may be intimidating for those who consider themselves ‘less practicing’ Muslims. 

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Furqan said in total, 52 participants can attend each event, “Our site went live last week and the response has been incredible so far. We have had to stop selling tickets after the first few days as we were exceeding capacity. 

“We want to ensure we can manage the sessions effectively and do not want to compromise the experience. One of the biggest mosques in the UK has already expressed interest in adapting the software in order to go virtual with their own marriage events.”

The website is aiming to appeal to all groups and they also plan on introducing 'a combability scoring system' in the near future. 

Furqan said, “Finding a future spouse can be difficult and many Muslims are unsure as to the avenues they can take to aid their search – with so many options on the market. This is made even more complex by Covid-19. If you are serious in thinking about marriage, then the service we offer provides a great alternative to more casual Muslim matchmaking websites and traditional in-person masjid marriage events. 

“It is secure, confidential, but more importantly an enjoyable and no-intimidating experience.”

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Furqan did think traditional ways of introduction were not as relevant as they once were, “ From the research we have done, the traditional ways of finding a partner are no longer working as effectively as they did previously, especially with the gradual breakdown of family structures and community networks. 

“They still have a place for those families who are more conservative and well-connected, but the average young Muslim in the UK may find them unsuitable for their own needs. On the other hand, individuals may find online match-making alternatives to be too casual.”