A man who was given just a one per cent chance of survival when coronavirus took hold of his body is now recovering well at home and “just appreciating the little things in life.”

Jayesh Patel, 34, had been working through the first week of April when he began to feel breathless walking up the stairs and with the encouragement of his wife, Kamini, 38, a sister at Royal Bolton Hospital, took himself to A&E on the Sunday (April 5) not expecting much to happen.

However, as soon as he arrived at hospital, he was instantly admitted to a ward where his condition deteriorated rapidly, with coronavirus taking hold.

Just a few days later on April 8 Jayesh was moved onto a ventilator and put into an inducted coma.

Over the next three days he deteriorated even more, and with his lungs and kidneys now beginning to fail, he was moved to a more complex ventilator (ECMO) at Wythenshawe hospital.

During this time his family were told they could visit him, meaning that they were expecting the worst; however, Kamini refused to accept this.

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Jayesh spent a total of 56 days on a ventilator, much of this in an induced coma, and a total of 69 days in hospital but is now back at home where the recovery begins.

Jayesh and Kamini live off Chorley New Road, Heaton, with Kamini describing Jayesh’s time in hospital as the “worst of my life”.

Jayesh told The Bolton News: “All I remember is going into hospital not feeling that bad, I was immediately taken away on a wheelchair and next thing I know I woke up in Wythenshawe hospital.

“I never grasped how ill I was.”

Jayesh has been home for just over a month now but he says the fatigue he feels has not gone away.

Physios come to visit him every day to help his recovery, but he still struggles with things such as going up stairs.

Jayesh, who works in mechanical and building services, describes himself as a workaholic and has been missing the little things in life that he can’t yet do due to his recovery.

“I miss going to work and even little things like driving a car but I have got such an appreciation for life now after what I went through.

“The little things just mean so much more now and it’s made me realise how important it is to look after yourself because you just can’t know how quickly things might change.”

Kamini, who was not allowed to visit any friends or family during this extremely difficult time spoke of her heartache of seeing her husband in this situation, but that she always held out hope for him even when doctors feared the worst.

Jayesh only had a short time before being taken to intensive care to text Kamini what was happening.

She said: “Wythenshawe rang me and said they don’t think he’s going to wake up he’s only got a one per cent chance.

“I never said goodbye to him I always had faith in Jay he’s so determined, he never gives up on anything.

“We prayed everyday which helped to get me through it with the support of family and friends. I just thought I need to stay as positive as I can. It was the worst thing I have ever been through.”

After a few weeks a nurse called Kamini to tell her that he had shown signs of movement and after 10 days off the ventilator he was discharged on June 13.

Kamini said: “The doctors and consultants couldn’t believe where he was at. When the doctors saw him at Bolton again they immediately said ‘he’s a miracle’.

“There are no words to describe how low I felt but we’re so happy now.”

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Jayesh was given a big welcome by friends and neighbours on his return and has recovered from walking with a zimmer frame to walking independently now, although there is still some way to go.

Kamini and Jayesh want others to know how debilitating coronavirus is and how quickly it can take hold, as in Jayesh's case.

The pair are both happy to be relaxing at home now, appreciating the little things in life, having both been put through what they both described as the worst time in their lives.