Senior citizens who put their best foot forward during lockdown have seen their efforts rewarded in a video - which makes it look as if they are all dancing together.

The music video collage shows around 20 Slough and Maidenhead seniors, some in their late 80s, dancing to a Bhangra sequence.

Their individual efforts performed respectively at home during the lockdown were edited together to give them a sense of togetherness during a solitary time.

The music video was produced by community group Apna Virsa, as part of its Step Up 4 Seniors online challenge launched on May 28.

Participants had to follow the pre-recorded dance moves of their Bhangra teacher Jasmine Cheema on Facebook, before recording themselves at home and sending in their video. The video has now been published on Apna Virsa’s Facebook page.

Pushpa Kharbanda and Kailash Sharma, both in their 80s, took part respectively.

Pushpa, from Slough, said: “I’d never danced in my life. This was the first time and I did it to motivate other women in my group who were very responsive. I got so many positive comments on Facebook, it was overwhelming.”

Kailash, who was urged to take part by relatives in Datchet, said: “Even though I’ve been going through a rough time with my health the challenge made me smile and I took part whilst lying on my sofa.

“My daughter and my granddaughter encouraged me to participate and they even helped me to learn the steps.”

Before lockdown, the majority of the seniors attended Bhangra dancing for the over 50s in Slough on a weekly basis.

Although Apna Virsa put the Bhangra classes online, it was clear regulars still missed dancing with their friends. Therefore Step Up 4 Seniors was launched to help motivate the group and give them a chance to see their friends.

Project manager for Apna Virsa, Seema Kamboj, said: “Seeing their confidence grow was uplifting because it takes courage to video yourself for something so public.

“The seniors’ spirit really is an example to the rest of us.”

Apna Virsa stages a variety of exercise classes and activities in Slough and the wider Berkshire area. To join visit or