My husband and his family lied to me in order for us to accept the proposal.

He lied about everything from having a fake degree to lying about his own father and hiding his endless amounts of debts and loans. We got married and soon after the honeymoon I found out I was pregnant his mother was devastated about my pregnancy and even told me that if I had a miscarriage - then it will continue to happen again and again.

She asked my husband if I forced him to have a baby. She later kicked us out of her house stating that if we did not leave she would show some videos she had of my husband to the police. He was petrified and we left the next day. He then used and abused me taking thousands of pounds from me (all my life savings).

He would constantly tell me how upset he was, he would cry, tell me that he will kill himself if I left. I was so unhappy but felt so sorry for him and wanted my child to have both his parents around.

He slowly began showing his true colours, I wasn’t allowed to go to see my family / friends alone, I wasn’t allowed to buy foods that I wanted. He began to control every aspect of my life, from the food I could eat, to where I could go and what I could wear.

It became apparent that him and his family had planned all this, his mother was now back in our lives. He even became physically violent and broke the toilet door down, ready to hit me (whilst I was inside). He was abusive towards our baby who was only a few weeks old.

This got too much for me! I finally spoke out. I wanted my baby to have both his mother and father in his life.

But then I realised that I’d rather my child has no father than an abusive father. I remember I used to pray for freedom for me and my baby when he would be at work. Best decision I made was to speak out about the abuse.

My child deserves the best. It was a very hard but the right decision to make. My marriage lasted 12 months. He is back with his mother, they deserve each other.

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