One of the most popular Muslim stars of social media has unveiled a new look – minus her headscarf.

Amena Khan, 36, more commonly known as Pearl Daisy posted a video explaining her decision to remove her hijab saying she was finding it difficult to be true to herself and felt ‘at peace with her decision’.

The blogger who has over the past decade helped to promote hijab styles and designs across the world posted a twenty minute video explaining why she took the momentous decision.

She said, “It is a strange video to be filming right now with everything that is going on in the world. But I have been putting it off because there has been so much happening around the world and I wasn’t entirely convinced it was the right time.

“But I do feel now is the right time because there is a lot I want to say and do that is related to other projects I am working on. And I didn’t want to continue to be something or be someone online compared to my offline personal life because a couple of days ago I stopped wearing my headscarf and I feel like the incongruity of my not wearing it in my personal life and putting it on for my ‘online videos’ – it didn’t feel right.”

“It is not good for you and it not good for me and my sanity.”

She told viewers that she started to wear her headscarf when she was 22 years of age which was a spur of the moment decision.

“I really from the bottom of my heart want to apologise if this video is upsetting to any of you or if I have gone about it the wrong way or used the wrong words or offended anybody.

“I am really really sorry if the way of doing this is upsetting to anyone. However, with this change I am sharing my truth and I know it won’t resonate with everyone. And if it isn’t for you then it is completely okay. I want to thank you for having joined me on this journey thus far.”

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She told her followers, Pearl Daisey will continue to live as customers continue to love the product’. She also explained there are also ample fashion brands that are headed up by men who don’t even wear those garments.

She added, “I always stand by women whatever they choose to do with their bodies. I will always stand by hijabis.”

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There was as expected a mixed reaction to her decision.

Zabier posted, “Really proud of your decision, no one should ever be afraid to express who they are! You are a role model for women who chose what they want to do and sincerely hope good things for you... And don't let the haters change you, haters gonna hate...”

Another user said, “I follow u since 2011 .. i love how u wear your hijab , always follow your trends, when i first saw the picture you freehair i thought its was edited until i saw this video its okay dear, as long your family n your husband understand and support your new journey , everything will be okay ... no worries the time will came when your heart ready to wear hijab again i pray for you sister.”

Zulf said, “Its your choice and no one els so be proud of yourself. Those who are worried what will you answer to allah do not need to bother as everyone pays for their own actions.”


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Diyah said, “All your personal choice and still respect every woman for whatever they choose for themselves BUT for some reason it REALLY hurt me seing you suddenly without Hijab. Feels like our Muslim ummah is getting weak and no more has the strength to live the Islamic lifestyle proudly. You were definitely one motivational factor in my life making hijab wearing a proud decision for myself. Infact my today's style of wearing hijab is inspired of your styles. Nevertheless I respect you. I pray Allah guides all of us. Lots of love.”

Another follower commented, “The first YouTube video I ever saw of yours was a styling Hijab video from 10 years ago. Your channel encouraged me to wear Hijab and the very first scarf I ever wore was bought from your website. I reverted to Islam at a very young age (14) and your channel helped me to fall in love with Hijab and be confident and proud to wear it. I pray that Allah guides you back so that maybe you'll fall in love with the Hijab just like I did. Can't help feel a bit disappointed. I really did look up to you as still being modest and wearing the Hijab properly even though everyone else was taking it off. Thank you though for helping me in my journey towards becoming a Hijabi.”

Muhammed said, “Dear sister Allah has sent us to earth to do the good things and the duniya is not a permanent place to live Allah has send us to lead a life with Qur'an and hadith and the real life is akhirat and I hope Allah will guide u righteous path.”

Dily said, “Salaam sister! First of all, you don’t need to explain to people why you’ve taken the hijab off this is solely between you and Allah. Secondly, for all those people on here hating and causing trouble please refrain from this, for it is better for you to make dua then to slander. Let’s follow the sunnah and be upright in character just like our beloved prophet SAW. Whether she’s in the right or in the wrong, commenting your opinions on this video won’t change anything because guidance is up to Allah. May Allah guide us all and give us good understanding of this deen. Ameeeen.”

Farzana said, “Sister, please do not say its a choice. Its your PERSONAL choice. It is an obligation for girls to wear a headscarf in Islam. Saying it is a choice is rejecting it's status or ruling on Islam on a whole, this is not only doing a sin but saying its is otherwise (like saying and believing something is or not wajib) actually takes one out of the fold of Islam. And this is very grave, especially when you share and inspire others, you bear their sins as well.”

Mumtaz said, “Dear Amena, Thank you for sharing so gracefully and kindly, even though you don't owe any of us an explanation. May your heart remain genuine, gentle and open. Faith is indeed not just an embodiment of the physical, but also reflected in character and in the heart which only Allah can see. Again, I thank you for this sharing and I wish you all the best in seeking and living your truth. Sending you love and many kind thoughts, A fellow muslimah across the world.”