Members of Rovers’ senior management team fasted for one day yesterday as the club showed support for the local community, as well as raising money for NHS staff tackling COVID-19.

Rovers CEO Steve Waggott, finance director Mike Cheston, manager Tony Mowbray, first team coaches David Lowe and Damien Johnson, along with other members of the Senior Management Team and former player and coach David Dunn, joined Muslims in the town, and across the world, in observing Ramadhan and going without food and water from dawn until sunset.

Over £1,000 has been raised as a result, with the club supporting one of its charity partners, Lancashire Hospitals Trust, and their continued fight against the coronavirus.

The initiative was part of the club’s #OneRoversTogether campaign, launched last month as Rovers continue to play a key role within the community’s response to the virus.



The club said: “Just as the current Coronavirus crisis has provided us all with the opportunity to reflect on the things we value and previously took for granted, Ramadhan teaches people to be more appreciative of what they have, whilst also cultivating mental toughness and self-control.

“Throughout this holy month, British Muslims will also give away a portion of their wealth in order to help those in need.

“Rovers have chosen to support one of the club’s official charity partners, East Lancashire Hospitals Trust, to show our appreciation to the frontline medical staff fighting the pandemic.”

In January, Rovers appointed an Integration and Development Manager as the club looked to create a closer relationship with the town’s BAME community.

Yasir Sufi was tasked with the remit of fostering better engagement between the club and Blackburn’s Asian community.

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