My team and I have put our heads together to find a way to boost our customers’ confidence and to ensure their hair is maintained well during this lockdown.

When my clients walk through the door, they are not only greeted by a hairdresser but also by a friend, a confidant and a confidence booster. Over the years, I have come across people of different ages, genders, religions and sizes. 

I have learnt that no matter who, what, with or where you are, keeping your hair looking amazing has a massive impact on your approach to tasks physically, emotionally and mentally. 

I, myself, am no psychologist; but from personal as well as professional experience, having a ‘Bad Hair Day’ can have a negative effect on your attitude. In my experience, the roots require dye approximately around three weeks.  

The lockdown took place all of a sudden and many clients had not had the chance to visit us at the salon. 

These clients hair would soon be ready to visit the salon during these weeks had it not been the lockdown period. As a reputable business owner, certain decisions have to be made whilst keeping in mind the clients requirements and the guidelines set by the government. 

Keeping the above elements in mind, I have produced “Dark Secrets Hair Dye Kit For Use At Home”.  

Asian Image:

These kits are all personalised to fulfil each clients’ needs. These are simple and easy to use and all clients are provided with instructions and Consultation. 

Client receive the kits at their door or posted out . Kits have been very popular and positive feedback has been received via Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

I hope 'Dark Secrets Hair Dye Kit For Use At Home' have a positive impact on everyone and help us to break this stigma of thinking our hair only need to look good when we are out...let’s start the trend of having good hair at home.

Professional customised hair colour done in lock down in your home. 

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