Police and authorities are cracking down on anti-Muslim fake news being circulated.

A series of posts shared on social media this week have claimed that Muslims are ‘breaking the lockdown’ and they are ‘getting special treatment from authorities’.

This in turn has led to further racist and Islamophobic abuse being directed at Muslims.

West Midlands police said a mosque in Small Heath, Birmingham was closed despite a video claiming to show 'worshippers entering the building'.

A statement from West Midlands Police read, “We're aware of a video circulating that appears to show a group of people leaving a mosque in Small Heath since the government introduced restrictions last week.

“Although we can confirm the footage was filmed in Small Heath, our officers have conducted enquiries and are satisfied that the mosque is currently closed.

“The neighbourhood team have spoken to many residents living on the street, who all confirmed that the mosque has not been open since the restrictions were announced last Monday (23 March).”

After Neil Russell (@russ634) asked, “Called my local Mosque in Shrewsbury to see if it was closed as per the new law and government guidance. Horrified to discover that they are still open and allowing people in!! These idiots will be super spreaders of the Virus!  @ShropCops why are you not closing them down?”

Shropshire Police replied, “Probably because there is no Mosque in Shrewsbury. There is a prayer centre & it has been checked and is fully compliant with the current government requirements.”



This user suggests that Muslims are roaming the streets, "Can anyone in office explain to me why MUSLIMS are roaming the streets, attending mosques and gathering . I thought we were in lockdown ?"



To which user @offshorelegal99 replied, “A very wide sweeping assumption how do you not know they're not on the way to work for the NHS or essential workers volunteers for the Muslim UK community. Many British Muslims have volunteered to help the NHS we stand united during these times all faiths as one. NHS as one.”