Meet the Bradford food blogger who is breathing fresh energy into the Yorkshire food scene. 

Mum-of-three Savannah Hussain, who shares her culinary adventures on her Instagram page @yorkshirefoodgal, says Bradford is one of the top UK cities that food enthusiasts should have on their radar.

Savannah began her crave inducing food blog nine months ago aiming to inspire people to try different foods of the world.

“Yorkshire is a great place to find diverse food. 

“Bradford has to be one of the best places in the country for halal food to satiate all cravings, whether that be Indian, Chinese, Afghani or Italian. 

“I thought, maybe by going on this food journey, I could encourage people to try food that they’ve never sampled before.”

From distinctive cultural fare to exclusive local dishes, Savannah says a large part of getting to know her hometown is by indulging in its cuisine.

Her enthusiasm for food was nurtured by her parents who made traditional south Asian food as well as hearty British classics throughout her childhood.

“My mum was born in the UK and my dad is from Pakistan. I guess this was the perfect combination of East meets West when it comes to food. 

“Growing up, there was always something fresh cooking on the stove every day. Usually a curry, if my dad was cooking or some British cuisine that my mum had conjured up, like cottage pie.

“Food was very important to my parents as this was the only time of the day that the whole family were all together.”

Asian Image:

Her earliest memory, she said was a nostalgic one when her father taught her how to retrieve the bone marrow from cooked lamb.

“It soon became my favourite bit when having a curry. 

“My dad always experimented with curries and varied his selection from sheep’s brain to prawns to the traditional chicken masala.

“I definitely got my eating tendencies from my dad and his adventurism around spices and flavours.”

With the proximity of a broad variety of enticing food, Savannah admits it is very easy to explore the city and indulge in culinary escapades.

“There is so much choice of delicious food in Bradford that it can be more convenient to go out and pick something up or get it delivered when I’m running around three children.

“I tend to cook meals for the children but I also crave other foods at the same time, so I take my own adventures and cook as much as I can and then look for restaurants or takeaways that offer something different that I feel like eating.”

Her mouth-watering food photography sees pictures ranging from striking and colourful images of restaurant’s Savannah has discovered and what she has cooked herself. 

“Taking pictures of food has fast become a hobby of mine. I really enjoy doing it.

“Delectable food images build on our inherent and instinctive love of food. 

“The images show my personal perspective.

“I want to remember the cuisine that I have had and catalogue the good meals and show anyone looking at my Instagram some of the great food in the Yorkshire region.”