Razia Ahmed decided to amalgamate her two passions - technology and jewellery and Beau Accessories was born.

A marketing specialist has revealed how she took the plunge to work independently by launching her business from her bedroom.

Describing herself as “the most girliest girl with a serious love for jewellery,” Razia wanted to utilise her skillset to create something she loved.

“I really wanted to do something in my life I enjoy, something I was genuinely interested in.

“I have always been tech savvy. I worked in two big companies in the marketing department and looked after the website side of things which is what gave me the confidence to start up my online business.”

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Www.beauaccessories.com includes jewellery and modest clothing as well as a maternity range which, Razia says, was inspired by her friend who was expecting at the time. 

“The whole idea came from my friend Samera who was pregnant and wanted some modest dresses she could wear whilst she was with her in-laws or in front of the men in her family.

“She told me how hard it was to find fully lined dresses with long sleeves.

“She really encouraged me to start up the maternity range which is made out of nice flowy fabrics and is not clingy.

“The range is actually suitable for Asian women to wear in front of all their family and still feel comfortable.”

Razia who hails from Manchester who comes from an entrepreneurial minded family and says she has been working in retail since she was at school. It was her father, in fact, who introduced her to her first jewellery supplier.

“Just like my dad supported me to start up my online business, my jewellery supplier’s dad supported her to start up her jewellery. That’s pretty amazing.”

The tone and style of the Beau Accessories collections are embodied by Razia’s taste as they feature items all picked personally by her.

“I honestly only sell what I love. If I wouldn't wear it then I don’t stock it.

“I really don’t know if that's the best way to do business (a lot of people argue it isn’t) but that's the way I have worked since day one of starting my business.”

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Her modest clothing line, she says, came about after she took inspiration from her own personality and environment, thanks to her husband.

“The modest clothing literally came to me because of my husband. 

“I wanted some modest outfits for summer and my husband knew of a place that imports modest clothing from Italy, so he took me there.

“I picked out six pieces of clothing for myself, one of which I posted on my Instagram story. It was a pearl kimono. I was overwhelmed by the response and the amount of people who embraced that look and wanted to buy it.

“My kimono started off in my own personal closet and then it became an integral part of my modest range of clothing.

“It's amazing how if something is meant to happen it just falls into place.”