A taxi firm are offering to do the shopping for elderly members of the community who are self-isolating.

Orbit Taxis, based in Bolton want to help those who might find it difficult to go out during the coronavirus crisis.

Sammy Patel, the manager of the firm, said it was one of his drivers who came up with the idea.

He said: “One of the drivers, Salim, came to the office and said he’d been out a few times to people he knew taking them to the shops and offered to help more.

“He said to me ‘I don’t mind if you’ve got any elderly people that need a hand with their shopping, I’ll take them without fare’.

“I thought there’s only so much one person can do so I sent a message to the group of drivers asking if anyone else wanted to help.

“Within a few minutes I had 25 to 30 responses saying ‘Yep, I don’t mind, I’ll help’ so we have more than enough drivers to help.”

The only requirements to access a free taxi are being elderly, and needing the help.

To arrange a trip, just call the firm on 01204 465555 and book a taxi as normal, mentioning the free trip, and a driver will be sent out to your location.

Orbit drivers were on hand after the fire at The Cube to transport students and their belongings to nearby hotels and accommodation.

Mr Patel added: “We just want to offer that little bit of extra help to people.”