Bolton based company DAKY have announced they have reached a resolution of an ongoing trade mark dispute with Debenhams.

Alongside a range of sportswear DAKY produce waterproof Wudu Socks which are sold to Muslims across the world.

DAKY International Limited sell clothing and accessories sold under their registered trademarks the stylised 'D' mark and 'DAKY'  and have done so since 2015.

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The company said on its website that going forward, Debenhams Retail Limited will no longer use a stylised letter 'D' on its own, phasing out its use across its websites, apps and social media in the coming weeks and on in-store hangers over the next 18 months.

Debenhams will continue to use a stylised letter 'D' as part of the Debenhams sign ensuring there is no confusion with DAKY and its branding.

DAKY will continue to invest in its products and brand and use the 'D' on its own and as part of its DAKY branding.