We meet entrepreneur Syed Ali Naqvi who overcame depression and anxiety to achieve his goals.

Syed Ali Naqvi who was born in Pakistan and studied in Manchester said enduring financial hardship when growing up motivated him to lead a career on his own terms.

He said, “I have had my fair share of financial struggles since childhood. However, this encouraged me to dream big. 

“My journey towards financial independence was a tough one. I did numerous odd jobs to make ends meet. I’ve lost friends, family and loved ones along the way.

“Despite the setbacks and challenges, I did not give up and continued working hard with sheer dedication and honesty. 

“A few years ago, I was introduced to the network marketing industry by a friend and got in to try my luck. 

“After continuous hard work and a lot of failures, I am living my dream life. I am my own boss and have achieved the financial freedom I always wanted.”

Having studied to be an accountant, Ali has also worked in the multi -level marketing industry as a freelancer and is currently involved in the Forex and Crypto trading industry. He is also a real estate investor.

Being an entrepreneur, Ali admits, requires ‘the highest levels of self-motivation, discipline, perseverance and hard work.’ These skills, he said, have helped him progress on a personal level although his aspirations were put into effect from a young age.

“I used to set up my own stalls at school galas and bake sales selling food and earning a good amount of money.

"As a kid, I had always been inquisitive about the operations of supermarkets, restaurants and pharmacies. I questioned my parents and teachers about the functionality of businesses and read newspaper articles to gain further insight.”

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As well as hard work and resilience, Ali attributes his success to the unconditional support of his mother, who he describes as his ‘powerhouse of inspiration.’

“My mother raised me and my sisters with the utmost of grace and confidence despite tough financial circumstances.

“She devoted her life to the upbringing of her children and has made numerous sacrifices for us. 

“She taught us kindness, humility and perseverance. She stood by my side through thick and thin and never let me give up in the face of adversity. 

“My mother constantly motivated me to pursue my dreams and believed in me when no-one else did. Whatever I am today and have achieved so far is owed to her entirely.”

His entrepreneurial journey, Ali says, was embarked upon after a great leap of faith. He describes his trajectory as a ‘bumpy’ one but worth every bit of the struggle. 

Whilst navigating the business world in a healthy and thriving manner, Ali encountered personal challenges which saw him experience depression and anxiety. Ali explains how he managed and overcame this effectively.

“I made certain lifestyle changes which helped me get back on track. Regular workouts at the gym under the supervision of a personal trainer greatly elevated my mood on a daily basis. 

“I adopted healthier eating habits which not only benefitted my body but also refreshed my mind. 

“I started reading motivational and entrepreneurial books which expanded my horizons and inspired me to take control of my life and pursue my dreams despite the hurdles. 

“I made short term goals for myself and endeavoured with full rigor to achieve each milestone. 

“Overall, I adopted an optimistic and positive approach towards life which changed me for the better.”