A malicious message saying that a takeaway had been closed due the coronavirus has been slammed.

Yesterday (February 26) a message was being circulated claiming that Chesters Chicken takeaway/restaurant in Blackburn has been closed temporarily due to the coronavirus concerns. Customers were then urged not order from any takeaways or fast food outlets ‘unless they have been coronavirus tested’ with link to a government website.

A spokesperson for Chesters Chicken told us, “People should not blindly forward these texts. At least check the links.

“In this case the link makes no reference to Chesters or any other takeaway.

“We received several calls from concerned customers and we had to tell them the claims were all false. It is malicious and an effort to cause undue stress for small businesses.”

A further message has been shared concerning the Naafiah Take Away, Preston, being affected by Coronavirus.

Zahid Dudhia, Police Link Worker said, "Enquiries have been made with the proprietor and it appears this message is incorrect.

"We are not aware of any local take aways afffected by any virus. Please verify the information before forwarding on to others as incorrect messages can cause distress to individuals and a loss of business in this particuar case."