Sony Music Masterworks has announced a brand-new partnership with songwriter Nitin Sawhney.

The first single, ‘Down The Road’, will be released on Friday 28 February and features Nitin Sawhney on electric and bass guitars alongside acclaimed tabla player and frequent Sawhney collaborator, Aref Durvesh on tabla and baya together with vocals from YVA (Eeh-vah), Dhruv Sangari and Nicki Wells.

‘Down the Road’, constructed by Sawhney in four different mixes, carries a powerful and topical poem by Faiz Ahmad Faiz in the chorus: “That promised day, when these high mountains of tyranny turn to dust and evaporate, we shall bear witness”.

The track was recorded in September and October 2019 at The Dairy, Brixton and produced by Nitin Sawhney. ‘Down The Road’ is the first single from a collection of Sawhney’s new music entitled ‘Immigrants’, a unique celebration of immigrants around the world.

‘Immigrants’ will showcase works inspired and contributed to by artists who either identify themselves as immigrants, are from immigrant heritage or wish to express support for those international immigrants who have found themselves judged or disadvantaged by pure accident of birth. ‘Immigrants’ will showcase Sawhney in inimitable collaborations with fellow artists as he deftly redefines our perception of identity through the universal language of music.

Sawhney said, “I’m excited to be signed to Sony Music and to be working with such an imaginative, empowering and supportive team. It’s amazing to work with people who not only get my creativity and global perspective, but who also push me with new challenges and possibilities.

"In short, it feels like a new beginning. 2019 saw an unprecedented level of political confusion and negative representation of immigrants across the world, despite this being entirely at odds with the historical benefit of migration. "I hold dear to the belief that every new born child is of equal value, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

"It is only through the turbulent worlds of politics, creed, economics, religion, race, nationality and social disparity that people continue to be devalued and dehumanised and I address those inequalities here through my music”.