A new App aims to take the stress away from finding a local Islamic tutor.

The Teach Me Islam App (TMI) and platform is the brainchild of Nabeela Raza, a 25-year old entrepreneur whose own experiences led her to creating the app.

Nabeela said the App is about bringing Islamic education into the 21st century, and allows parents to browse tutor profiles and select a local Islamic Tutor for their child as well as checking their profile and qualifications. All tutors are DBS checked.

Many Muslim children are taught through mass learning either on weekdays or weekends and Nabeela feels old school methods of teaching may not suit modern families.

She said, “The Inspiration behind TMI App was the great demand from parents, working professionals and students from my personal career experiences and the incredible gap in the market of being the first App of its kind for Islamic private tuition that is easily accessed by all.

“It is a great opportunity to unite diverse social groups of all ages and backgrounds to make that positive difference in society. “ Nabeela was educated at the University Jamea Al Kauthar in Lancaster and left with a Masters equivalent in Islamic Theology and Jurisprudence. She is also an Early Years Educator.

Since 2014 Nabeela has been delivering private Islamic education to students within the comfort of their own home and it was here through her experience that she realised that there was a great need for qualitative teaching from parents and students.

She also identified the need for well structured programmes as well as a monitoring system for tutors.

Nabeela said, “Since graduating I have made it my goal to spread love, unity and education through the beautiful teachings of Islam in the most interactive, relevant and joyful way for the youth and of the 21st century.

“The app took two years to develop and is aimed at working parents, single parents and parents who want their children to not only learn and understand the beauty of Islam but want them to enjoy it and engage with what they are learning and to want to be involved with their child’s learning journey and see effective progress.

“It is also for those who want to know their child’s learning through a structured syllabus, with a rightly qualified and certified tutor and someone who can relate to their child’s learning style.

“We offer a bonus facility having tutors go to student’s homes to deliver the sessions within their own comfort and security.”

After a session is completed, the parent or student can put a star rating and feedback box that they complete. TMI management gather the ratings and reviews at the back end of the App.

Nabeela added, “One-to-one tuition is stated to be the best form of effective learning for any student, no matter the age.

“Our tutors all have certifications to prove their qualifications including DBS certificates. They tailor each tuition session to each students strengths and personal learning styles to allow them to gain the maximum benefit out of each session.

“The TMI App also benefits educators. Qualified Islamic tutors most have other professional career titles and wish to still tutor in their free time. Something that offers flexibility.

“Our tutors are also incentivised within the company with extra benefits and career growth opportunities.”